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For Baltimore Restoration Co, no damage is too small or loss, and we are one of the few restoration companies in Maryland to provide a rapid response and to get you back inside the safety of your homes and businesses after a disaster. Our company is certified and is approved to work with all insurance companies and provides free estimates. We have been providing quality restoration and rebuilding services after disasters such as fires, floods or storms and have a dedicated team at your disposal.


When disaster strikes, whether it is sewer damage, water damage, or a flooded basement or even fire, it can lead to very stressful times. Our company also works toward restoring your peace of mind with our speedy and reliable service and assures you that you will be completely satisfied with the work done. If you have a commercial property, we realize that any type of damage can spell disaster to your business, and hence have trained professionals that help you get back to your business as quickly and efficiently as possible.


What We Offer

Our quality services set us apart from other restoration companies in Maryland.


These are the services that we offer:

Restoration after Water Damage

If we are speaking indoors, water can be quite destructive when disaster strikes. Not only can flooding or excessive moisture cause your property to deteriorate rapidly, unclean or unsanitary, but if it is unchecked or the clean-up services are delayed it can aggravate problems. The situation has to be contained within the first 24-48 hours, and if done so properly, these harmful effects can be reduced.


Your office space or home can look like a war zone after a flood or excessive seepage, but this is where we come in with our restorative capabilities, and guarantee that you will be amazed! We have successfully restored water-damaged properties and office equipment for a long time, and take special pride in it.


Water damage can affect areas such as the flooring, partition walls, masonry, internal walls, foundation walls or the balcony and terrace. Our method to restoration is very scientific and to do that, we take into account the replacement and restoration costs (and pit them against each other), the extent of damage or if there is contamination.


To contain mold, you need a fast and responsive service like the Baltimore Restoration Co so that it does not become a health risk and is removed properly. Our drying and dehumidification services make sure that the water damage to your property does not become a nightmare!


Restoration after Storm Damage

Storms and tornadoes are unexpected and cause massive damage to your property and cause flooding, or ice damming if it is a wintry blizzard. Downed trees, hail, water and wind are some factors that can leave your property exposed to other elements. In such a scenario, it is important that you consider getting in touch with a restorative company for your peace of mind and prevent further damage.


We, at the Baltimore Restoration Co, understand this and have professionals at our disposal that can quickly assess the situation and suggest restorative methods so that the situation is contained. We offer services such as emergency security personnel (in case of commercial properties or even homes), board-up services, perimeter services and reconstruction and demolition services.


We, as professionals know that rebuilding is different from constructing and that the design, the finishes and the construction material should be matched to the structure left standing. We conduct the restoration process smoothly so that you can get back to your property at the earliest.


Restoration after Fire Damage

A fire can not only cause massive devastation but can also damage the sense of security for you and your family. If you are a business, a fire can not only affect you but your customers as well. In such a scenario, the Baltimore Restoration Co’s team is ready to respond, 24 hours a day all year around.


We know that the first two days of the incident are the most important when it comes to recovery. A quick response during this time ensures that recovery is more efficient. Our recovery process takes into account the toxic odor left behind by the dry chemicals used in fire extinguishers. We factor in the sentimental value of your valuables, the replacement or restoration cost, the damage caused by smoke and heat and our restoration process includes thermal deodorization, soot removal, emergency boarding up and complete reconstruction. We also work closely with the local fire departments.


Where Do We Come In?

The Baltimore Restoration Co strives to restore your life by rebuilding your property, with our team of professionals that are available 24/7. If disaster strikes your business or home, you want the best of the quality restoration companies in Maryland to restore your life to as it was before. We can work with all the leading insurance companies for fire, water or mold damage and offer disaster response.

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