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Mold (and mildew) is a type of fungi that forms inside the house due to exposure to moisture. A leak in the plumbing system at your home, rainwater leaking in and pooling in the attic, prolonged period of waterlogging due to floods, etc. can all result in dormant mold spores turning into mold. There are a number of health risks or health hazards associated with excessive mold formation inside the house. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says that prolonged exposure to mold inside the house can result in mild to severe respiratory illness. People suffering from asthma, mold allergies and children are the most vulnerable, but even healthy adults can be affected due to prolonged indoor mold exposure. It can lead to excessive coughing, chest pain, wheezing, breathlessness, etc. You can refer to the World Health Organization’s guidelines for indoor air quality regarding dampness and molds to learn more. The United States Environmental Protection Agency also has guidelines for removing mold inside the house and preventing mold formation, as well as resources for indoor air quality and flood cleanup.


Why Is Mold So Dangerous?

Not only is mold unsightly, it also has a distinctive musty and unpleasant smell. The presence of mold in the house lowers the quality of air in the house. In fact, it’s been found that exposure to indoor mold can lead to development of asthma in children. It typically grows in damp areas of the house such as the basement, crawlspace and storage space. Basically, areas that do not get enough sunlight. Any surface mold grows on eventually gets damaged, which affects the structural integrity of the house. This is why ignoring mold formation is dangerous.


There are a few things that you can do at home to reduce chances of mold formation.

  • Make sure that the humidity levels inside the house is kept in check. Ideally, it should be no higher than 50%. You can install a dehumidifier to control indoor humidity.
  • Ventilate the bathroom and kitchen properly to ensure that moisture is removed from the house after showering and cooking. Exhaust fans can be helpful in this regard.


How We Can help

These are precautionary measures. However, in case of serious leak or flooding, you will have to bring in experts to handle the situation.


There’s nothing called good mold. So, if you notice even nascent signs of mold formation or infestation, which is typically black or green in color, in your house or if your house has been recently affected by flooding, you need to immediately contact the experts. We, at Baltimore Restoration Co, are the best when it comes to mold remediation in Annapolis MD. Our experts have the necessary knowledge and training for effective mold remediation. If mold isn’t removed in the proper way, the chances are that it will form once again and within a short space of time. This typically happens when the moisture levels in the area where mold had formed hasn’t been reduced or eliminated completely.


Flooding or thunderstorms can severely damaged your house and also create a fertile environment for mold formation. In such a situation, you need restoration professionals such as ours, who understand the importance of a quick response time. Mold formation can begin if water is allowed to stand inside the house for as little as 24 to 48 hours. Our certified mold remediation experts in Annapolis, MD will salvage and relocate all household items and appliances. Those that have been damaged such as carpets, furnitures, etc. will be removed. They will then extract water and dry-out all affected sections of the house. We also use the best equipments to dehumidify the house. That’s not all. All broken or damaged windows, doors and sections of the roof will be boarded up to ensure that no more water enters the house.


While all the focus is on mold spores and mold formation, mildew shouldn’t be ignored either. It’s easy to distinguish between mold and mildew. As mentioned earlier, the colour of mold is usually black and green. Whereas, mildew is white. It’s possible for you to remove mildew in your house using chemical products available in the market. But a number of precautionary measures need to be taken while removing mildew. Hence, we would recommend that you allow the professionals to take care of mildew on your behalf.


Our full-range of mold remediation services in Annapolis, MD include identification of the area of the house where mold growth started, identification of the reasons behind mold growth, mold removal, cleanup of mold spores and infestation, mildew removal and deodorization and mold decontamination. We only work with IICRC-certified technicians, who wear protective gear and use latest equipments.


We provide a free assessment to all our clients, because you deserve to know what the exact status of mold formation in your house is or what the potential threats are. We are available 24×7 and our response time is just 1 hour. So, get in touch with us right away.

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