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As a homeowner, water damage is probably the most common problem that you can face in your home. Water damage can be caused due to various reasons from burst pipes to leaking faucets and flooding. If water damage is not taken care of immediately, it can result in electrical hazards and can damage the structure of your home, the furnishings and also cause other problems such as the growth of mold and mildew.


When dealing with water damage, it is vital to take immediate action to rectify the problem. In the case of water damage, call the experts — Baltimore Restoration Co — the best water damage restoration in Baltimore. We are just a call away and we will be with you all the way and offer expert guidance and assist you with what should be done to fix the problem quickly.


Our expert team is equipped with advanced equipment and the knowhow to remove the water very quickly. Our team will monitor the entire process and ensure that your property is dried thoroughly and properly.


Common Causes of Water Damage

  • Water damage can be caused by several reasons, from natural disasters to leaks, etc. Irrespective of whatever the source of water damage, if you’re looking for water damage restoration in Baltimore, Baltimore Restoration Co can handle any size of water damage restoration.
  • Damage due to storm and flooding.
  • Flooded basements.
  • Leaking plumbing, water heaters, appliances, etc.
  • Overflowing sinks, toilets and bathtubs.
  • Thunderstorms, tornadoes, tropical storms and hurricanes.
  • Sewage backups.
  • Flooding caused by firefighting efforts.


Water Damage Restoration Process

The process of water damage restoration helps to restore your home to pre-damage conditions and involves the removal of water, decontamination of all the water damaged areas and drying. It is extremely important to act fast in the case of water damage as moisture and standing water provides the perfect environment for the propagation of mold and bacteria and prolonged exposure to this can cause allergic reactions and diseases.


Sometimes, you may even have to remove and replace carpets and portions of drywall that have absorbed a lot of water and sometimes, parts of a water-damaged house may even have to be rebuilt. In fact, the EPA recommends that materials that have not been cleaned and dried thoroughly within 48 hours of being water damaged must be discarded.


The process of water damage restoration followed by Baltimore Restoration Co is as below:

Inspection and Assessment

The water damage restoration process begins with a thorough inspection of the damage caused by the water. Our team of experts will help to assess the level of water damage. This step is critical to creating an effective plan for the water damage restoration that will be successful.


Water Removal

We use pumps and vacuums to remove the water very quickly to prevent any further damage to your property and also prevent any bacteria and mold infestation.


Drying and Dehumidification

Once all the standing water has been removed and all the absorbent surfaces have been vacuumed, the process of drying and dehumidification starts by using air dryers and dehumidifiers. This is very important to remove any moisture that may remain even after the water has been removed. It may take several weeks for the drying process to be completed.


Cleaning and Sanitizing

To prevent the growth of bacteria and mold, our team will clean and sanitize all your personal belongings using specialized techniques. Items such as clothing, carpets and furnishings, etc. will be treated and sanitized using antimicrobial products. Moisture and particles present in the air will be removed by making use of air scrubbers.



Restoration is the final step of the process which restores your property to the pre-water damage condition. This involves the replacing of materials such as drywall. Sometimes, the water may damage small portions of the wall, so installing a few panels of the drywall is sufficient. If the water damage is extensive, it may call for replacing entire sections of the walls.


Why Choose Baltimore Restoration Co?

Baltimore Restoration Co is the best service for water damage restoration in Baltimore and some of the reasons why customers choose us are:

  • We respond to emergencies quickly and can handle any size of disaster. Our quick response reduces the damage, prevents any further damage and helps to reduce costs.
  • Our team members are specialists in water damage restoration. They are trained extensively in water damage restoration techniques and use specialized equipment. The emphasis is also on monitoring the entire restoration process and detailed documentation of all the steps from start to finish.
  • Our team of experts uses advanced techniques and equipment that help to spot hidden moisture, extract and remove any standing water along with cleaning and drying your property and your belongings thoroughly.
  • Our team will work efficiently and complete the restoration process by using sanitizing and deodorizing products to ensure your safety and comfort.


If you’re having a problem of water damage in your home or place of business and need quick restoration, contact Baltimore Restoration Co and we will be there to assist you.

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